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For your kind information, headaches that almost every one of us is familiar of vary in both type and in intensity and quality, meaning similar type of headaches that differ in intensity may end up in 2 different categories. As with several things in human life, it’s obvious for confusions to be created in the grey regions where different category meets each other. In fact, there are many further sub categories of ‘headache’, making it more confusing issue. Additionally, the duration you’re going through headache is something that is also responsible in determining whether you’re a victim to chronic or acute headaches.

Some people usually consider as they are a victim to migraine pain even though it’s just a mere headache they are undergoing. Likewise, some patients with migraine consider that they are just having a ‘quite bad headache’. One of the main objectives behind this book is to help such people to get a quite clearer picture on what actually they are suffering with.

It’s almost impossible to distinguish headaches into some categories without any blurring or overlap. This is precluded by the subject matter’s nature. There are numerous interchangeable terms for normal headache including cephaialgia, encephalalgia and cephalodynia and if you ever take a glance over your medical reports, you might find some of these terms mentioned in your medical reports. Don’t worry if you’re quite puzzled with the truth that descriptions of different types of headache seem identical at times. Of course, it’s obvious as they do authentically overlap. Suppose if someone else asked you to portray yourself just in a couple of words. Whatever words you use to portray yourself would also be somehow accurate words to portray thousands of other folks out there, and same is the case with headaches. They vary in both type and intensity, however attempting to compress the complex experiences of people into some descriptions categories means that there will be lost of some accuracy. Another consideration that should be kept in mind is that some people can acquire the headache of more than one kind at the same moment. However, physicians are accustomed to prescribe patients having both tension kind headaches and migraines.


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